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Is the best offense a good defense?

Back to the nonprofit echo chamber!

I didn’t mention anything about the Boston Globe article about Dan Palotta’s Charity Defense Council a couple of weeks back, but here’s yet another example of nonprofits fighting back against what they think is unfair criticism.

This one’s by the Center for Effective Philanthropy‘s Phil Buchanan, and titled: Technology Start-Ups Don’t Hold All the Answers for ‘Broken’ Nonprofits. Here’s an excerpt:

“And just when I think that, maybe, just maybe, the sea monster of arrogance and ignorance about nonprofits has been slain, it rises, horror-movie like, to prey again on those who don’t know better.”

That article is a response to a TechCrunch blog post by another nonprofit CEO, Ryan Seashore of CodeNow. An abridged version of what Seashore basically says is:

I’ve learned some stuff with my nonprofit startup — focus on your mission, innovate, look for alternative sources of revenue, identify barriers to scale, and think big.

Not much of a scathing critique of the entire nonprofit sector, is it? Are we a little oversensitive maybe? Or perhaps there’s  just a lack of serious content about nonprofits, so bland blog posts draw the ire of other bloggers.

And we wonder why we look immature in comparison to other business models.

Image: Echo chamber of the Dresden University of Technology

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